How to play on Mobile Phone?

  1. Browse games from the Front Page or All Games Page. By default, site is presented in single column (mobile responsive). Select the game you want to try and play. For instance, the 360 Connect.

2. Your browser will bring you to another tab or window. Click on the menu and select “Request Desktop Site” – Mobile Friendly. (Different browser might have different setting and name. Try to browse around.) Desktop Mode lets you play games easily which you can zoom in and out, have better desktop-like-mobile-friendly-view on mobile phone as compare to mobile-responsive-view.

3.Wait for the game to load. You may see ad/s while the game is loading. Clicking the ad/s will bring you to another tab or window. Skip if you are not interested to the ad/s. Click Play or the Play Icon to start when the game is loaded.

4. Like many free games and services. Our mini games show ads as you continue playing. Ads can be skipped after a few seconds.